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Our Story

MUMHACK wasn't born in a boardroom.

It was born in a daddy's mind when my son, Ryan, was born. It all began because of genuine love for children, from one Daddy's passion for parenting, the environment, and desire to make baby shopping simpler. I searched unsuccessfully for something comfy for my baby and at the same time versatile and convenient.

A daddy who, when he couldn’t easily find those products, vowed to never give it up. I am blessed and inspired by the different mum's communities we have met along the way.

How do I make more mommy know those things? Then, MUMHACK naturally born.

Why MUMHACK instead of DADHACK?

I am not a stay-at-home dad. I have my own job when my son having a rest. It's really not easy to take care of a baby. We respect mums highly who stay-at-home for babies. So we call it "MUMHACK", with the hope that a variety of useful things will help our parenting life easier and make our babies happy.

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