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🚚 FREE USA DHL Delivery on orders over $100 📞(213) 800-9520
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Our Mission

Make Life Easier, Never Waste One Penny

How do we make life easier?

• Make Kid's Life Easier

We always expect our kids can do most things on their own even though he is a baby, such as taking a bath, washing hands, brushing teeth, eating jelly, drinking water, and so on. But most products designed for adults. It's really not kindly for kids. Don't worry! MUMHACK will help them do all things much easier.

• Make Mum's Life Easier

Mum will have large house duties to do every day. How to cook faster? How to ensure a baby's safety? How to makeup faster? Don't worry! MUMHACK will help you.

Make Family's Life Easier

Husband has busy and hard-working every day. How to make him take a comfortable shower? How to help him have a relax at home? How to help him clean the car? Don't worry! MUMHACK will help you.


How do we never waste a penny?

Saving time means saving money. It always takes us too much time to choose a product from variety of products on the online store. Most of the case is that we still can not make a determination to buy after 2 hours browsing. It's a waste of time and money. MUMHACK will make baby shopping simpler.

• Only buy the things you actually need. Variety of social media influencers will recommend so many products every day. They all said, "you actually need". But you will find they recommend nearly thousands of products, it's "actually need" or really "actually no need"? MUMHACK only selects about 30 products you actually need in life at present.

• Only buy the things with good quality. Variety of fake reviews make you buy low-quality and useless products from the online store. It's really a waste of money. MUMHACK makes sure all products have good feedback from mom's community before selling on the market.



Quality is the most important thing for you and us. We obey 3 rules during hunting for the safest, most stylish, sustainable baby and parenting products on the planet.

• Best for Baby

We are not a businessman, we are parents same as you. We cooperate with thousands of baby experts to choose the best for baby. Who are the experts? The young mums from mum's community as we are. We only sell products we love and from brands we trust. But don’t just take our word for it, we ask real parents to do real reviews on a large variety of our products to ensure they really are best for baby and best for you. Because we trust only real parents have the rights to choose the best goods for the baby since only real parents know what products actually needed by the baby.

Best for Parents

We believe that only parents live in happiness, the baby can live in happiness. So we also give our mommy and daddy some choice to make life easier. Let us help you find the right products, at the right price and at the right time in your parenting journey. In order to help more and more parents, we kindly invite you to join our questionnaire, you tick what is actually need and what is actually not need in google forms. We will highly respect your advice and remove the things you think actually not need in the store.

• Best for the Environment

It’s not just our packaging that makes us environmentally friendly, it’s the materials, the manufacturing processes, ethical businesses – there’s no competing on price, no nasty chemicals in our fabrics, and absolutely no exploitation in any factories. The world could do with a little more green, and it’s our job to shout it from the rooftops.

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